The Best Advice Money Can’t Buy

Whenever I tell people I use Twitter, their first question is always the same, “What is Twitter?”  The short answer is that Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets – text-based posts of up to 140 characters.  To the follow-up question, “What good is that?” my answer is always, “More than you can imagine.”

Since I’ve begun using the service I have connected with an amazing group of authors and bloggers who provide valuable information that can help the public make more informed financial decisions.  Some of these individuals are professionals, while others are people who have transformed their life and want to share their experiences.  Perhaps the most striking thing I’ve witnessed is how each of these folks is eager to collaborate and share information from others that they themselves find interesting.

In my experience, there is a wealth of information available for free on Twitter that provides unique access to the world of finance.  While I follow just a small amount of the millions of users on the site, the personal finance Twitterers are among the most passionate that I’ve encountered.  In their spirit of sharing, I would like to direct your attention to a few authors I’ve found to be exceptionally gifted and insightful. I encourage you to “follow” these individuals so that you can gain the financial wisdom each of us requires in these challenging times.

Squawkfox — Kerry K. Taylor is the author of 397 Ways To Save Money. She blogs as Squawkfox.

frugalista — Through her blog, Natalie teaches people how to live the frugal and fabulous life. Her blog has been noted by the New York Times, the Financial Times, the L.A. Times, Washington Post,, Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald and Tallahassee Democrat.

upsideofmoney — Barbara Bryn Klare is a communications consultant and an award-winning finance writer. She has worked with numerous financial services clients including E*TRADE, JP Morgan, and Mellon Investor Services.

thedebthawk — A personal finance writer who loves to help people pay off debt, get ahead financially and earn more money.

centsiblelife — Created the Centsiblelife blog to share things that they’ve tried successfully.

alanschram – the Saving for Serenity blog is about doing everything you can to improve your finances, and then relaxing and relishing in that fact.

moolanomy – Moolanomy is the result of two people working together toward the same financial goal.

SpendOnLife – The SpendOnLife team strives to help you live better through credit and identity theft education.

kellibgrant – is authored by’s senior consumer reporter

SuburbanDollar — SuburbanDollar provides a layman’s view of personal finance from the position of someone who doesn’t know it all.

HeatherDRich –A personal finance expert sharing info on debt, credit, and your money.

lizweston – Ms. Weston is a noted personal finance columnist and the author of “Your Credit Score: Your Money and What’s at Stake; How to Improve the 3-Digit Number that Shapes Your Financial Future.”

For more information, or to speak with a certified credit counselor please contact Cambridge Credit Counseling at 800-897-2200 or

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