Free eBook Available – ‘Driving As If Your Budget Depends On It!’

To assist the public with the burden of higher gasoline costs, Cambridge has updated and re-released their popular Driving as if Your Budget Depends on It eBook.  This guide discusses various options to reduce gas usage and protect your budget in these challenging economic times.

Over the last few months the counselors at Cambridge have witnessed an increase in concern regarding the impact of rising gasoline costs.  Although the fervor has not reached that of 2008 when prices soared, the eventual economic fallout will cause consumers to reign in their spending.  Some have become accustomed to higher prices; however, as we approach all-time highs this summer, the increased financial obligation may cause many people to rethink their spending habits.

“So many individuals are feeling the crunch at the pump that we felt compelled to revise this insightful guide,” stated Christopher Viale, president and CEO of Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. “These tips are but among the many solutions consumers can implement to manage the demand gasoline has upon their finances.”

To receive a FREE download of Driving as if Your Budget Depends on It, please visit As always, Cambridge’s Certified Credit Counselors are prepared to help the public should they need further assistance in creating a workable budget.  To speak to a Certified Counselor, please call 1-800-CAMBRIDGE.


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