Don’t Say ‘Yes’ to that Job Offer Just Yet

For a lot of folks, a job is a job.  Oftentimes it’s that salary that attracts us to positions, but there is much more to consider when accepting a job offer.  Perhaps one of the more important aspects to consider is the culture of the organization.  Culture is developed by leadership – it’s the heart and soul of a company.  Poor cultures arise when leaders adhere to outdated concepts such as control, or micro-management.  Vibrant cultures are championed by leaders who want to help their employees succeed.  These leaders understand that their best asset is their people, and they strive to help each employee meet their full potential.

Obviously, it’s best to understand the company culture before accepting a job offer; therefore it’s important to do your research.  In the recent article, “Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job,” career development experts discuss tools and strategies to make sure your goals are complementary to a company’s mission.  These experts also share insights that can help you determine the best place for you to work.  Please visit the article here to learn more.

Until next time, I’m Thomas Fox for Cambridge Credit Counseling.

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