Playing with My Money is Like Playing with My Emotions

Woman Cutting Her Credit Card - IsolatedFor those of you who have seen the first installment of the classic “Friday” movie series, you know this blog title all too well.  What may surprise you is the accuracy of this statement. In her forthcoming book, The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide for Creating Success on Your Own Terms, Danielle LaPorte tackles the emotional impact of our financial decisions.  As we’ve covered in the past, we often overemphasize the joy of our purchases, which lead to a cycle of buying “Highs and Lows,” where we continue to consume in hopes to maintain our feelings of gratification.  Danielle recently wrote a post for Get Rich Slowly where she outlines our financial value system, and how purchases are driven by emotion.  She (rightly) points out that money is a tool; one best served to meet our goals. As we balance emotions against our goals, we create a clear path to using money as a positive influence in our lives.   I encourage you to read her guest post Getting Emotional About Money.  In particular, focus on her three-step process to create a positive relationship with your money.

Until next time I’m Thomas Fox for Cambridge Credit Counseling.


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