Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Really Expensive!

Saving on your wedding is the best gift you can give yourself!

image-36As they say of Spring, “Love is in the air.” Like many couples, the warm weather signals a countdown to their “Special Day.”  It’s marriage season, and it’s time to plan your wedding.  According to the average US couple spends approximately $25,000 on “I Do’s.”  Sure, you can’t put a price on love; however, you can look for ways to take it easy on your finances. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Look for ways you can cut your spending and put away money for your big day.  Hopefully you’ve already been doing this, but if not… now it a good time to start.    
  • Work your connections.  Do you know someone who owns a dress shop, bakery, travel agency, etc…?  If so, see if they can recommend some cost saving ideas for your wedding.  
  • Drill down on your guest list.  Sure, it’s great to have a big wedding, but why break the bank by having 350 of your Facebook friends present? Keep it simple (and economical.)   

For many more ideas on how to save on your wedding visit Budgeting for the Wedding: 30 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding.

Also, don’t forget to enter our Financial Literacy Month Contest to win a one-on-one coaching session with ‘America’s Money Answers Man,’ Jordan Goodman.  To enter, simply answer our question of the day at Cambridge Credit’s Financial Literacy Month Contest.

Until next time I’m Thomas Fox for Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.


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