Success Comes from Mastering the Unknown

Career growth is experienced when you embrace being ‘uncomfortable.’ 

Although employment is an important aspect of financial stability, many jobseekers gloss over the economic implications of their skills (or lack thereof.) Most of the folks I chat with are focused on ‘What’s In It For Me’ instead of what they bring to the table.  Sure, we could all use more money, but a good paying job is not an entitlement… it’s something you earn.

Let’s look at this from the perspective of supply and demand. In a competitive market the price of goods and services are dictated by the value they represents. Essentially, not everyone can step into a high-salary position without possessing the necessary skills.  That’s not to say you can’t get there, but it requires honing your craft and, more importantly, establishing leverage.

Leverage is created by developing your Career Capital. Career Capital is the unique skill-set you possess.  For instance, throughout my career at a Cambridge I’ve done everything from authoring personal finance books to producing national television commercials.  There are not many Community Outreach Directors that can transition from writing books to scripting, story-boarding, and filming a commercial; therefore, my skill-set is unique – and in the right situation, a tremendous value.

So, how do you build Career Capital? Start by getting uncomfortable. I can tell you tackling a national ad campaign is scary; but, the process taught me a lot. If I avoided the experience, I would have lost an awesome opportunity to add those skills to my own Capital. That project not only added to my marketability, it gave me a deeper appreciation for my accomplishments – and confidence goes a long way. Go… learn something new.  Get involved in the process, and become a student of whatever craft you pursue. This way you build your uniqueness and increase your chances for lucrative employment.

Until next time I’m Thom Fox for Cambridge Credit Counseling.


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