Don’t Talk Yourself Out of a Job

What NOT to do during your interview!

It’s normal to be a little nervous during a job interview, but sometimes our anxiety pushes us to make mistakes which jeopardize our chances at employment. I recently read an article where a few HR directors dished on the most frequent mistakes made by interviewees, and it was enlightening. 

Top of their list – talking over the interviewer.  In an effort to paint the best portrait of themselves, many interviewees fail to engage in active listening.  They blurt out how they’ve ‘conquered this’ and ‘championed that’ all the while steamrolling their interviewer.  If you can’t listen to people, or read their conversation cues, HR folks have little faith in your communication skills.  Best advice… listen, listen, listen and speak when spoken too.

Another faux paus is badmouthing a former employer.  This generally occurs if the wounds of departure are still a raw.  When asked why you left your last job, take a second to respond with a tactful response.  Badmouthing your employer is a sign of immaturity, and the workplace has no room for kindergarten antics.

Lastly, don’t try too hard.  You cannot be all things to all people.  There will be some positions that fit your skills and passion, and other that do not.  An interview is not a ‘bull in a china shop’’ experience, it’s a harmony of insight and need.  Be the best possible version of yourself.  Be humble, confident, and authentic.

Until next time, I’m Thom Fox for Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.

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